Why Baby Cry

Why Baby Cry

Why Baby Cry:

Crying is a way your baby has to communicate. Your baby can be very uncomfortable, feel cold or too warm, feel hungry, sleepy, wants contact with Mum or Dad or that he|she has a pain. Your little one doesn´t have the capacity to lead with frustrations: any instinct that is not favourable at the moment makes your baby loose control and expresses himself|herself with a cry and will not stop until his|her need is completed.

It is important that during these first months you should attend your baby inmediately to see what is the matter when him|her as everything is unknown to him|her and the presence of an adult is the only thing that gives your child security. Obviously at the beginning Mum or Dad you will feel at a loss and you will not know how to interpret your baby´s cry; but with time you will gradually get there.

Here are some tips for you to recognize why baby cry:

If it is due to he|she being hungry you will realize inmediately, not only because he|she will be looking for food with his|her mouth open but because your breast will be full. Don´t fail breastfeeding him|her as hunger is an unknown feeling for your newborn baby.

If your baby cries while you breastfeed her|him, it may be due to something you have eaten and may give your baby a tummy ache. It may be a possible allergy.

Think about the food you have eaten and eliminate them one by one before every breastfeeding meal, to detect which one it is. You may begin with the lacteous, which are the ones that produce more allergies after the eggs and fish. Always look at the labels of the products you buy as a lot of them  may contain lactous proteins and eggs. Never forget talking to your pediatrician.

When you approach your baby touch him|her to see if he|she is warm (maybe pespiring ) or cold.

See if your baby´s diaper is wet.

Your baby may be tired and feel sleepy that is why he|she is crying. Craddle and cuddle your baby and if he|she calms down your baby will go to sleep.

On the contrary, the cry of pain can be identified if you have discarded all the previous points. It is a totally different cry, acute and doesn´t stop even though you hold your baby in arms. If you feel it is not a colic consult your pediatrician.


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