Premature Baby

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Premature Baby


If you Mum has had  a preemies baby nothing will stop you from feeling that beautiful emotion of having a son or a daughter. Of course you will feel frightened.

Emotion, love, that same feeling one has when you have each child of yours is the same with a small baby.

This baby that was born before the 37 weeks of gestation is smaller, thinner, and is a normal child.. If your child was born before these weeks it does not mean that he|she is ill. It is important for you to understand that even though your child was born as a preemies baby, your child will be able to complete his|her growth out of your womb, surely with no difficulties at all; much more if you Dad and Mum are next to your baby and keep him or her company touching, caressing and talking to your baby.The contact with your baby is very important for his|her growth.

There are many causes of preterm delivery. Sometimes it's caused by the MumĀ“s lifestyle choices during pregnancy: smoking, drinking alcohol, using drugs, eating poorly, not gaining enough weight, exposure to physical stress, and poor prenatal care are all causes of preterm delivery.

Often, however, the cause is not within Mum's control. Mum could have a hormone imbalance, a structural abnormality of the uterus, a chronic illness, an infection, or several other things that could lead to a premature birth. In addition, preterm delivery is more likely when a woman is over age 35, under age 19, or is carrying multiple fetuses. And sometimes the cause is simply unknown.

These babies have many special needs that make their care different from that of full-term babies, which is why they often begin their lives after delivery in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).




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