Premature Baby

Premature Baby-Common Health Problems

There are many causes of preterm delivery. Sometimes, Mum, it is caused by the style of life you have chosen to have during pregnancy.

That is: drinking alcohol, using drugs, smoking, eating poorly and not gaining weight.

Sometimes the cause is not within MumĀ“s control. You could have a structural abnormality of the uterus; a hormone unbalance; a chronic illness; an infection or several other things that could lead to a premature birth. If you have a premature baby it is more likely to happen when a woman is over 35 years old or under age 19; or is carrying multiple fetuses. Sometimes the cause is totally unknown.


Common Health Problems of Preemies Babies

Premature babies are susceptible to a number of problems, mostly because their internal organs are not completely ready to function on their own.

The more premature the little one the higher the risk of complications.


These are the following:




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