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The day your baby leaves the incubator and the intensive care; Mum or Dad, you have to understand how frequently you should feed; what medicines should you give; and when should you go back to the pediatrician with your preemies baby.

If you have any problem you should know exactly who to contact. When your baby leaves intensive care they may place her|him in intermediate care and there Mum or Dad, you will take care of your baby with the orientation of doctors and nurses, before going home. Don´t feel guilty for being worried or feeling nervous, the parents of babies whom haven´t been in intensive care feel insecure about being parents, so you also have a right to do so.

Generally your baby must meet the following criteria to be sent home.

Be on complete breast and/or bottle feeds, taking in an adequate number of calories.

Be gaining weight on all breast or bottle feeds.

Be able to keep his/her body temperature normal in an open craddle.

Not have any apneas (pauses in breathing) causing slow heart rate (bradycardia) or change in color. Some nurseries send babies home on apnea monitors if they are having short self-limited apneas (no color change or severe bradycardias and not needing stimulation to breathe again).

Most babies are off oxygen when discharged, but some  who will need oxygen for a long time are sent home on oxygen.




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