Premature Baby

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Premature Baby Tips

It is not always possible to give your baby medicines against pain; that is why your  baby may feel pain sometimes. The pain is the same as if they gave your baby an injection to make a blood-test on their heal; a pain that doesn´t hurt for a long time. If your baby turns and curls, it doesn´t necessarily mean that he|she is feeling pain.But if you are feeling worried just go ahead and speak to the nurse or doctor and ask them if your baby may be feeling pain and ask what can be done about it.

Generally your preemies baby will not be weak for ever and will not be getting infections for ever.But if you have your doubts consult your pediatrician.

The rythm of growth of your baby does not need to be behind. But as your baby was born before, your baby of 6 months old will look like a baby of 4 months. As your  baby keeps on growing up the difference will be less and less.

You can breastfeed your baby although the reflex of sucking appears at the 30 weeks of pregnancy.So a baby that was born before time may not be able to suck. If this is so you may have to get your milk out with a

breast pump and sometimes it is given to your  baby  with a tube through your baby´s nose to the stomach.Breast feeding is still the best food for your  baby but they may add vitamin D and phophatous to the milk.if your baby cannot digest food they may have to feed him|her via intravenous with a drip introduced in the vein.



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