Premature Baby

Premature Baby

What is all the equipment for?You may feel anxious or frightened when your  baby is in intesive care due to preterm delivery.

The main articles of equipment:

a) Incubator. It controls the temperature and the humidity, creating an artificial uterus.Some bull´s eye windows allow Mum or Dad to touch their baby, and feed him|her and also for medical attention.

b) Monitors. They control the baby´s pulse and blood pressure, temperature and oxygen.

c)Ventilator. It helps the air to enter the baby´s lungs. There are different types of them.

d) Scanners. They can be ultrasonic or computarized tomography. Sometimes they are used to visualize the inside of the baby´s head, which helps to diagnoze any hemorrage that the babies can suffer or any other problem that can be produced in the future.


As preemies babies have lacked the part of the time of maduration in the uterus they usually need nutrition, warmth and protection. The baby´s capacity of sucking may be less developed and due to this, they will be in need of being fed through a tube  or via intravenous. The baby´s fat reserves are less therefore he|she will feel cold easier. Babies inmunology is not totally functional but an incubator can protect the  baby from some infections and also give the baby heat. They may need other help such as breathing. That is why they may be connected to a ventilator.



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