What is all this about parenting Tips...Awesome!!!




As I said before I am trying to put everything together for parenting tips because when I brought up my children I did not have Internet tips. I needed books, but had to buy them, I really learnt how to be a parent with my children by experiencing with them.


How can I give you all these parenthood tips? Where do I get them from? Are they important? Will I ever use them? Lots of questions to  be answered.... but they are all here if you need them.


What about when I get home from the hospital; what happens with my baby when he or she is crying? How should I comfort it. See about this by clicking here.Would you like more parent tips?....





I have always thought what it would be like  to communicate with my baby.  How will I be able to communicate... if she or he doesn't know how to talk... Just click here... you'll be surprised..




What a problem I will be having travelling on a plane . If every time I go out with my baby I take with me a whole bunch of  things. How will I remember to take things with me and what should I do on a flight? Here you will get useful answers.


And what about a car trip???...Just click here




What about the second night? Please give me some sleeping tips.



I am a newborn baby and have a brother.How can he overcome jealousy?





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