Parenting tips to Make a better car trip with your baby

Here we go through a long trip of whole hours in the car

 Some Parenting  tips to make your trip enjoyable with a sweet baby.Here we go on a long trip of whole hours in the car!

If you have a baby on board, a car trip takes a good amount of planning and organization. But it can be done! and yes, it can even be awesome!

Parenting Tips-1 How should I plan my trip?

As you are generally in quite a hurry to leave, it can be easy to let things happen, instead of make things happen.Contemplating these questions, and coming up with the right answers, can help make your trip more successful:

 Does your baby sleep well in the car? If yes, plan your travel time to coincide with a nap or bedtime so your baby can sleep through part of the journey. If not, plan to leave immediately after a nap or upon waking in the morning. Don’t cheat yourself into thinking your baby will behave differently than usual in the car just because it’s a special occasion.

       Is it necessary to make the trip all at once, or can you break it up with stops along the way? The longer your baby is strapped in the carseat, the more likely he’ll become restless. A good parenting tip.Planning a few breaks can keep everyone in a better mood.


      When estimating an arrival time, have you considered extra time for unplanned surprises? A diaper explosion that requires a complete change of clothes or a baby who is inconsolable crying requires an unexpected 20-minute stop....these are just two of the things that can easily happen.



Parenting Tips-2 How should I prepare my car?

Take plenty of time to get the car ready for your trip. If  you are more than two adults  travelling, arrange for one person to sit in the backseat next to the baby. If you are travelling alone with your little one, you’ll need to be more creative in setting up the car, and you’ll need to plan for more frequent stops along the way.

Here are a few tips for making the car a travelling entertainment center for your baby if you are alone or accompanied:

Use ribbon or string  to hang toys from the clothes hooks in the back seat. Bring along an assortment of new toys that can be exchanged when you stop the car for a rest. Just be sure to use small toys and keep them out of the driver’s line of view.

Stick brightly coloured pictures of toys on the back of the seat that your baby will be facing.

Bring a bag containing a few of your baby's favourite toys, plus a couple of new ones. Possibilities include anything shiny, babyproof mirrors, rattles, musical toys, soft animals, pop-up toys, plastic keys or teething rings.


If you plan to have somebody sitting next to your baby,the parenting tip is to provide that person with a  box of toys with which to entertain the little one.  Distraction works wonders to keep a baby happy in the car. One of the best activities for long car rides is book reading.


Bring along snack foods appropriate for the age of your baby.Also bring snack foods for yourself and for older children in case your baby decides to sleep through scheduled dinner stops and you decide to make time rather than stop and wake the baby up.

Always keep cold water in a Thermos and bring disposable plastic cups.

Bring books on tape or quiet music for the adults for times when your baby is sleeping. The voice on tape may help keep your baby relaxed, and it will be something you can enjoy.

 Bring along a battery-operated nightlight or flashlight, If you are travelling during the night.



Parenting Tips-3 During the journey

When you are already on the road in the car it is important for you to...

 Be flexible. When traveling with a baby, even the best-laid plans can be disrupted. Try to stay relaxed, accept changes.


      Stop when you need to. Trying to push “just a little farther” with a crying baby in the car can be dangerous, as you’re distracted and nervous. Take the time to stop and calm your baby.


      Put safety first. Make sure that you keep your baby in his carseat. Many nursing mothers breastfeed their babies during trips. This can be dangerous in a moving car, even if you are both securely belted: You can’t foresee an accident. Instead, pull over and give your baby the bottle while it’s still in its carseat.That is if you don´t breastfeed your baby, if not stop the car.

Remember: Never, ever leave your baby alone in the car , not even for a minute.




Parenting Tips-4 Going back home


You may be so relieved that you overcame your trip that you sort of forgot the other one ahead of you: the trip back home. You’ll need to organize the trip home as well as you did the trip out. A few days in advance, make certain that all your supplies are refilled and ready to go. Think about the best time to leave, and plan accordingly. In addition, think about what you learned on the trip to your destination that might make the trip home even easier.


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