More Flying Parenting Tips...


Here are more parenting tips for you on flights.

Maybe you are lucky and your baby may sleep for a good part of the flight . If your baby's cot is positioned under a light , try sceening it off with its sheet /blanket as much as possible. Sprinkle a drop of lavender oil on the blanket as it has a calming effect and may help him sleep a little better.

Don't take many toys in your hand luggage, as babies love to play with day-to day objects, which they are not usually allowed to have. Try giving him an empty plastic cup and spoon - strangely enough that combination keeps a couple of babies happy for ages. If you are taking your laptop along with you take your baby Einstein DVD with you so that your baby has private entertainment.

Air travelling can be quite dehydrating, make sure you offer your baby plenty of drinks throughout the flight.This is a good parenting tip... It is good for you not only to stretch your legs, but seeing new faces, if you walk up and down the aisles may keep your baby entertained.

 Long distance air travel with a baby can have very trying moments.Older babies especially, can grow restless and fretful. Some may feel very tired and cannot get to sleep and therefore will cry unconsolably and noisily.Try giving your baby a pacifier. You will feel stressed with this situation as you are in a small area with a group of strangers waiting for you to stop that baby from crying. If this happens try to visualize a thick curtain in front of you and ignore any nasty looks or comments. Most people will sympathize with you as the majority have lived at some time of their lives this same moment- but you may come across less tolerant people and will have to put up with their remarks. Don't let them get you.... just stay calm.

A good parenting tip is to dress your baby in light layers, as this can help you out with high or low temperatures or if your baby dirties its clothing during meal times. Make sure you bring along with you spare clothing for yourself just in case your baby is sick or dirties you with its meal.

Always ask for any food or milk to be heated well in advance of when you think you will need it . Remember that there is no microwave in the aeroplane galley so if you need to warm your babies food it may take some time . When it is returned to you check that it isn't too hot. Bring along with you water or juice boxes ( first find out if if your airline accepts them on board ) as it may be a long time before the flight attendant can bring drinks.Remember this parenting tip. For bottle feeding babies, buy ready-made formula ( small size) or powdered formula and bottled water. Use your baby's  own bowl and utensils as there may not be anything suitable for baby's use on board the plane..And you may also bring along with you Gerber food.


Here's a check list of items you should not travel without , plus some parenting tips for easy and efficient  packing.

- Diapers: One for each hour you'll be in transit plus extras in case of emergencies or delays. 2 vinyl diaper wraps with Velcro closures.

- Receiving blankets: Take at least one for comfort, shade, and warmth; some experts advise carrying three (one for your baby to lie down on, one to cover her with, and one to protect your clothes from messy burps).

- Plastic grocery or zip-lock bags.Isn't this parenting tip too much?...
Carry a variety of sizes for storing soiled diapers, clothes, and shoes.

- Diaper rash ointment.


Premoistened wipes.


Sample-size containers of powder and lotion.

- Tissues.

- Extra pacifier.

- Clothes.
One to two outfits per day. Cotton sack suits provide easy access to diapers and are great for travel.

- Washable bibs.

- Sun hat.

- Food, formula, water, and/or juice.
With extra bottles, nipples, etc. Bring more than you think you'll need, since you can't predict travel delays. Don't leave this parenting tip behind....

- Breast pump.
If you want time-off from breastfeeding.


For performing night-time diaper changes without turning on the lights .

- Sling or child carrier for newborns.
Lightweight and easy to pack. One study showed that babies who were carried in a sling or in their parents' arms cried less than other babies .

- Lightweight, collapsible crib.
Necessary unless you reserve one at your accommodations or your baby sleeps with you .

- Infant car seat for safe travel by car, plane, train, or bus.
It can double as an infant seat, too ( but never use an infant seat as a car seat ).


Collapsible stroller.
Lightweight, convenient, and can be stored in the overhead bin of an airplane.


Packing ParentingTips

Start preparing to pack a few weeks before you travel. Keep an ongoing list of items to bring, or put items out on a table or dresser as you think of them .Use a baby bag with a waterproof lining and a shoulder strap. Pack an extra shirt or top for yourself in your carry-on bag .Prevent leaks by packing medicines and toiletries in zip lock plastic bags. Bring a 2-foot square of plastic, vinyl, or even washable wallpaper to put under your baby during diaper changes (you can buy commercial changing pads for this purpose, too).Keep an energy-boosting snack handy for you to munch on .


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