Here are some Parenting Tips... if you are flying with your Baby

Here are some parenting tips if you are flying with your baby

I tried to do my best to put everything together, all the parenting tips you should know for your flying trip.

When you book your flights try not changing planes. Remember that some airlines do not allow newborns to fly. .If you want to consider travelling by air it is best if your baby is at least two weeks old .By two weeks, both you and your baby will have recovered sufficiently from the birth and have overcome any early difficulties, such as problems with breastfeeding. See with your airline the age requirements.

If your baby falls asleep easily and stays asleep
try travelling during your baby`s sleep time. On the other hand if you have a troublesome baby, try travelling not during usual sleep times as your baby may just remain fussy.

See if you can pre-book a sky cot/bassinet and the maximum age/weight that it will accommodate. Some airlines will not allow you to pre-book and you may not know whether or not one is available until you check in.

If possible, see if you can fly on a larger aircraft, which will have better facilities for your baby.

Consider booking an extra seat for air travel with baby - if not, you will be expected to sit with an infant under two years of age on your lap. Depending on the length of your flight, this can be very exhausting, particularly with an older baby.A parenting Tip to remember...

If you do book an extra seat, think about taking a car seat on board for your baby to sit in. Certain car seats are FAA approved for air travel with baby, so this is something to check when buying one. This is a parenting tip to take into account

Where would you like to sit on the aircraft? Opinions vary on the ideal seating position when flying with a baby - some mums and dads prefer to be at the rear of the aircraft, nearer to the changing facilities, whereas
others prefer the bulkhead position.

This is where the sky cots are situated and there is generally more leg-room.
The sky cot is usually attached to the screen -
It can be very noisy. I attempted to use a sky cot for one of my children - because it was bolted to the screen, he was constantly disturbed by thuds and bangs from the other side. Also, a light was situated right above it - needless to say, he didn't get much sleep! Remember this parenting tip.

Make sure you pre-book your seats to ensure that you are seated next to whoever you are travelling with. If not, you may find yourself at the opposite end of the plane from your partner!



You will be needing a first aid kit .Nowadays in your hand bag you cannot take scissors or tweezers with you and if you are travelling to U.S.A. or the United Kingdom from another country you cannot take creams, jellies, shampoo, and liquids in your hand bag. Consult your airline for more information about this. Consider this parenting tip.

  • Diaper rash ointment.

  • Premoistened wipes.

  • Sample size containers of powder and lotion.

  •     A thermometer.

  • Any prescription medication.

  • Infant insect repellent.

  • Antiseptic cream.

  • Band aids and assorted bandages.

  • Rehydration powders in case of diarrhea.

  • Sunscreen.

  • Sterile gauze.

  • Mild Soap.

  • Surgical tape for holding dressings.

  • Calamine lotion.

  • Alcohol wipes.

  • Cream or spray for sting relief.

  • Teething Gel.

  • Saline nose drops for stuffy noses.


Remember to check your baggage allowance. Go to the airport with plenty of time. With your baby or toddler your calculation of time is much more. You may have last minute change of diapers or clothing.

If you have a long wait for your connection and a credit card try finding your VIP Services at the airport you are.

If you have to get around the airport specially a big one it is best for you to have a stroller. As you are allowed to have it until you get on the plane and it will be given back to you when you leave your aircraft.


If you haven't booked an extra seat for your baby and you have somebody sitting next to you , ask a member of the cabin crew if the flight is not full; if it might be possible to move to an empty seat.


If you have an opportunity of buying a baby  an air flight vest it secures it to your lap belt. It protects your baby against turbulence and keeps your baby safely on your lap during the flight making the two of you feel comfortable .


This parenting tip will help you out. When you have already settled down in your seat just before take off; breast feed your baby or offer a bottle to encourage sucking so that it doesn't have an ear problem.


Change your babies nappies before you get on the aircraft because generally the changing tables in the toilet cubicles are small and uncomfortable. Take with you separate changing bags to be able to put one diaper and a few wipes into individual sacks. Then take the bags with the nappy to the disposable bin. Don't give it to the flight attendants. Remember they handle the passenger's food. If you have a baby or a toddler that eats take along with you baby's own bowls and utensils as they may not have them on board for you.


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