Parenting Tips...Communicating with your Baby

More parenting tips to help you out with your parenthood!!!!

Everything seems so easy but I consider these  to be very important issues for the future of your child.Everything is much easier for them when they start learning and studying.


 Tip 1- Try chatting with your baby at all moments. Make it a priority. The development of language components are in progress at birth. If you find a hearing problem in the first months of your child consult your physician.


 Tip 2- If you untreat hearing loss it often leads to language delays but donĀ“t worry Mum or Dad, it is usually very treatable.


 Tip 3- Understood or receptive language almost always exceeds spoken or expressive language.


 Tip 4- Begin speaking with your child early, and talk with your child often.


 Tip 5- You can play an early game of imitation with vowel sounds with your baby. Encourage your baby to make vowel-like and consonant-vowel sounds such as "ma,""da,""ba".Speak to your baby as you go about your everyday routine.


 Tip 6- Name objects and point them to your child.You can do this while walking around with your baby or you can use books.Point to and name objects for your child.


 Tip 7- Teach your baby to imitate you as you clap, throw kisses, wave bye bye and so on. Play hand and finger games such as pat-a-cake, pee-pou, and the itsy bitsy spider.


 Tip 8- Speak to your baby.Talk as you feed, bathe, carry and dress your babyTell them about what you are doing and about the people, place and things around you.Identify animal sounds,colours and count things.


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