Ways to comfort a crying baby



 Parenting Tips to comfort a crying baby

Babies CAN be very fussy and cry developing a difficult period in the evening and mum and dad do their best to comfort them. You will be wanting to calm your baby, and try to find out what is wrong with ... your poor sole!!!. All your efforts may end in more crying or no solution. But here I have some parenting tips which I have put into practice and have helped me out.Of course this is not a must for every baby. Here are some calming techniques which have to do with one of these five interactions:

Tips with Rhythmic motion.

  • Walk around dancing with your baby.

  • Sway from side ti side or back and forth while standing up.

  • Rock vertically by doing deep-knee bends.

  • Rock back and forth in a comfortable rockinf chair.

  • Use a sling.This reminds the baby of the closeness it had in your womb.At first you find it difficult, but as you get to know your baby better you can even do your daily chores. And if you go out to work, whenever you can keep your baby in your arms for 3 hours a day, at least do it.

  • A baby carrier will be your most useful fuss preventing tool.


Parenting Tips with Soothing sounds.

Speak reassuring words in a soft, low voice. Along with motion, most babies are calmed with sounds, preferably ones that remind them of mum`s womb.The most soothing sounds are rhythmic, monotonous, low-pitched and humming in quality. HOWEVER...Mum you don`t need to go out and buy a special DVD or gadget to calm your baby.Here are some baby-calming favourites you may have around your house.

  • A loudly ticking clock.

  • Running or dripping water from a shower or wash basin.

  • The vacuum cleaner ( wear baby on the sling while vacuuming).

  • Bathroom fan with light out.

  • Tape recordings of waterfalls or ocean waves.

  • Homemade lullabies.

  • Play classical, new age, soft rock,or soft jazz music. No heavy metal please it makes babies nervous!!!


Parenting Tips with New positions

  • Hold your newborn baby facedown over your forearm with its head at your elbow and your thumb and fingers wrapped around its thigh.

  • Hold your baby seated in your hand with his back to your chest and your other hand across his chest, wrap your thumb and fingers around his upper arm.

  • Hold your baby high over your shoulder so its tummy is being pressed into your shoulder bone.

  • Cuddle your baby in your arms, holding him tummy to tummy tightly against you.


Parenting Tips with Warmth

  • Cuddle your baby tightly in a blanket.

  • Hold your baby close to you so it can receive your warmth.

  • Lay your baby face down over a wrapped hot-water bottle on your lap.


Parenting tips with Physical touching.

  • Every baby needs lots of touching. Infant massage is an enjoyable way to touch and soothe your newborn baby.

  • Something nice for DAD TO DO...lLie down and lie baby skin-to-skin over your chest, placing baby`s ear over your heart. As baby senses the rhythm of your heartbeat plus the up-and-down motion of your breathing, you will feel the tense baby relax. His fists will uncurl and his limbs will dangle loosely over your chest.

  • Firmly but gently massage your baby`s back from the neck down to his bottom.

  • In a warm room pat or rub your baby on its back and bottom.Lay your baby on a firm surface and go massaging its tummy with clockwise strokes.If you think its discomfort may be resulting from gas, this can help move down the the gas.Then gently press knees into its abdomen to push out the gas.


Calming techniques, are like re-inventing the womb that baby has been used to for nine months. Here are baby-calming techniques that I have found worked with my own babies, Remember that your baby has individual needs. Try these techniques as a starting point and improvise. After a few months, you and your baby will have a large repertoire of fuss- busters that work. .


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