Overcoming Jealousy

Overcoming Jealousy is generally a must in a home with another brother or sister; although the reactions of jealousy can be very different, depending on the age, the temperament of each child or other issues.There are children who are happy to have another brother or sister, but others don´t take it so well. Of course, these feelings are usually from the tiny ones;  they have a disposition to fight for the winning of Mum and Dad´s affections.Sometimes they may have eratic reactions only to call their attention.What can you do? It is said that patience is a virtue which is always necessary when leading with children and here are some tips to help you out:

- Everytime you can, allow your eldest child to participate in any activity you do with your newborn baby.

- Ask your child to draw something for the newborn baby´s room or wall.

- Sit your child on the armchair next to you and put the baby on his|her lap.Explain to him|her that the baby cannot hold  his   head up so he needs to place his|her arm under the baby´s head.

- Explain to your child that he|she was also a small baby like his brother or sister and tell him what he was like as a newborn baby.(*Important point for overcoming jealousy)

- During bath time allow your child to be present while you are bathing your newborn baby and even allow your child to bath a doll.

- You could organize a small party so that your child´s friends come over to your house and meet your newborn baby.

- There are story books you can buy mentioning this situation.Take your time and read it to your son|daughter.

- When somebody comes to visit your newborn baby they will probably bring a present  along with them. Make sure  you have bought some presents for your eldest child just in case they don´t bring for him|her as this situation will bring about jealousy.(*Important point for overcoming jealousy)

- When your husband comes back home from work and goes directly to see his newborn baby make sure you remain playing or talking to your eldest child.

- Keep the routine of your eldest child. If before going to sleep you Mum or Dad used to take your  child to bed and read him-her a story , continue doing this.

- If your child feels uncomfortable knowing that the tiny one sleeps overnight with Dad and Mum explain that baby needs to feed during the night and that it is better for everyone. This will calm him down and it will things easier for him/her in the process of overcoming jealousy.

- Take a photo of the two of them and place it in an important place of your house.

- Some children make a regression in their learning and go back to their baby stage. They want their dummy, they wet their bed or want to breastfeed again. Be patient and allow your child to do any of this. All these attitudes are a part of a period of adaption.

- Always express affection when you have the opportunity, caress, cuddle and hug your child and congratulate him|her for every good action and the most important of all tell him|her: I LOVE YOU !!!!!



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