Newborn Babies Tips for You Dad

Exclusively Parenting Tips on your Newborn Baby

Newborn Babies Tips for Dad... Exclusively Parenting Tips for you Dad.!!!...What to do with your wife and baby.

After you take your baby home you are concerned and anxious . It takes several weeks for both Mum and Dad to feel better about their newborn .


Here are some tips for you Dad....

  • Hug and pet your wife or partner a lot. Tell her she´s doing very well.

  • This is new for all three of you so be patient with your baby and wife.

  • Everyone needs help with a  baby!!Ask friends and family members for help with cleaning up , grocery shopping and meals.

  • Try to take a nap whenever you can.

  • Help out with the baby during feeding time. If Mum is breast feeding, you can bring her the baby and make them feel comfortable.

  • Help with other jobs too: change diapers, give baths, rock the baby, cuddle the newborn baby, read to the baby and sing the baby to sleep. Most babies like to sleep on their dad´s chest.


Breast feeding...What you can do Dad about this

Dad you may think that your role in breast feeding is a minor one. This is not so! Studies show that the attitude of the the baby´s dad is the most important factor in whether or not a mum begins and continues to breast feed.

Dad you feel you need to protect your family. One way you can do that is by supporting your wife´s decision to breast feed your baby. You can read books about breast feeding or attend classes on breast feeding with your wife.

Dads teach their  babies that there is more to love than food, and that there is a world outside of mum.Forging your own bond with your baby will enrich both your lives and mum´s too.Enjoy your baby. Take charge of baths, or walk around in a soft carrier or be the one to introduce squeaky toys and rattles. And remember that babies love to nap on Dad´s warm chest!!!!!!!

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