Newborn babies usually weigh around 3 kilos or 6.61 pounds. They may weigh between 2.500 and 4.000 kilos or  5.5 and 8.8 pounds. The first days of birth your  baby may suffer a loss of about 300 grammes  or 0.66 pounds but later on will recuperate this loss. Your baby may measure about half a meter or 19.68 inches, that is to say its length is about 50 cm. or 19.68 inches. There may be differences between 46 to 52 cm. or  18.1 to 20.5 inches It is said that the baby´s length is the third or fourth part of what it will measure  as an adult.

The baby´s cranial perimeter is of about 34 cm. or 13.39 inches.And usually a baby is born with a flattened nose and swollen eyelids which lasts during two or three days. Its mouth is closed  and the lips are thick and are ready to suck as the  baby did in its mum´s womb.

The baby´s breathing is quick, between 40 to 60 respirations per minute and its heart beats between 130 to 140 beats per minute. Mum, it is double the beats we adults have..Something that may surprise you mum or dad is the baby´s breasts: this goes for a baby girl or boy. Their breasts become larger.Don´t panic!... this lasts for one or two weeks. It is due to mum´s hormones which have penetrated the placenta and produces a kind of precocious puberty in miniature.It also produces a kind of acne pimples.

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