Newborn Babies...After-Birth Tips

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Newborn babies!!!!Now that you have a  baby, you are filled with pride and joy. At first you will be having some postpartum bleeding and some cramping as your uterus contracts. But don´t feel desperate  because your  body is the same.You find yourself with a mushy tummy, a few extra pounds and a whole bunch of new stretch marks.

How long does it take to get your former weight back? It generally happens slowly, but with some determination you can pour out those extra pounds.After steadily gaining weight for nine months , one of your main concerns after having your baby is your body. Getting back into a fitness regime may not seem like a lot of fun when you have a  baby, but it will make losing weight a lot easier and faster specially if  you breastfeed your baby.Learn about pelvic strengthening and get started on your own routine.If you really want to get back to a flat tummy read all about the benefits of doing transverse abdominal and Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles click here. I´m going crazy where did my body go and will it ever come back? Exercise can help you regain your shape and if you had a normal pregnancy  and a normal birth you can start doing some exercise 30 days after.The best thing to do is listen to your body and wait until you´ve stopped bleeding and until your doctor has given you permission to go ahead with the exercises.If you are breastfeeding, make sure your breasts are well supported when you exercise and  try doing so before exercising.If you can´t do this  try pumping milk into a bottle.

Another important exercise that will help you burn off the baby fat is going for a walk. All you need for this is a good pair of shoes,a beautiful day and your baby in the stroller.

Swimming is also an important cardiovascular exercise .if you don´t like any of these tips consider Yoga or Pilates.


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