Critical Hour

Critical Hour  It seems that all

Critical Hour

It seems that all over the world, as if a magical touch bewitches your child, when the evening appears, he/she starts to cry.Scientifically it is known as the colic hour of the breastfeeder and as such, this generally happens around seven o´clock in the evening.The baby starts crying because he/she has intestinal problems which brings about pain. Why does it happen at the same time every day? There doesn´t seem to have one explanation or opinion ; some say that it is due to the stress that is produced by images and experiences that occured during the day . Others say it is the need of feeding before sleeping all night; it may also be due to an excess of fresh air taken during daytime. The truth is that his/her digestive system is inmature and it will take more or less three months in regulating.

It can be exasperating for Dad and Mum who have just started with their parenting duty, as nothing seems to calm their newborn baby. It is a situation that may last hours. Some Mums and Dads call their peditrician and the more alarmists take their baby to the emergencies to the hospital.

Generally after these three month, the colics disappear again as by magic skills. Anyhow you may try calming or soothing your baby at the critical hour with the following techniques.


Take your babies clothes off.See that the temperature in your room is comforting, and massage his/her tummy opposite to the clockwise.

Take out for walks:

Put your baby in your arms with your hand on on his/her tummy and walk around your house.You may talk to him/her or sing to him/her.soothingly.

You may also take him/her out for a walk in the pram..


Give your baby a bath and massage his/her tummy, or else prepare a hot bath for yourself and get into it with your baby. Try not eating irritating food. As you are breastfeeding, it produces problems in your baby´s digestive system. Don´t eat the family of the cabbages, because they have a high percentage of sulphur, which produce gases in your intestines when they are overcooked. If you eat them uncooked and well masticated it gives you and your babygreat benefits. Also avoid excitants (chocolate, coffee, coke,tobacco).

Create a relaxing atmosphere:

Frequently the newborn babies with colics at the critical hour are extremely sensible to their atmosphere. A quiet and relaxing music during meals is very good for the babies. Mum when you are breast feeding your baby, turn off the T.V. Dad try helping Mum out. She will much appreciate it.

Try not feeling stressed when your baby has colics because he/she will have the same feeling you do. Mum have a lot of patience and mainly maintain yourself calm.



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