Burping Baby

Not every breastfed baby needs to burp with each feeding. Burping Baby techiques are something important for you to know because it may save you several times from hearing your baby cry. Generally, breastfed babies do not swallow as much air as bottle fed babies. If your baby has been crying before the feeding, and is pulling on and off the breast, try burping, then try breastfeeding again. Some babies do not burp immediately and you may need to try several positions. Here you will find some positions to help you out with your baby.

Helpful positions for your baby



Holding the baby with his/her chest and tummy against your shoulder.










Lying baby tummy-down across your lap.Just see how it relieves your baby and falls asleep.







Sitting the baby up, leaning forward with your hand supporting the baby's stomach, and his/her chin supported between your thumb and forefingers.This usually helps your baby  a lot.





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