Breastfeeding in public

I have always defended breastfeeding in public.If you act confident and self-assured about nursing in public most people will offer you positive support instead of criticism.

I am already a grandmother of 58 years old, and have used breastfeeding in public with my children and now my eldest daughter has breastfed her baby boy. She is 29 years old, and has followed my steps. I am giving you the ages so that you have an idea when I started nursing in public.

She was days old when I had to go out with her because I could not leave her behind. I was in the train when she felt hungry so out came my breast, and she latched on it. There I was breastfeeding in public.I noticed some men watching me so I gazed at them making them feel uncomfortable which made them look away. Of course they were looking at my breast as a sexual object and not as an object for feeding a child. That was the only moment I felt embarrassed. I can assure you that from then on I changed my attitude. I wasn't going to close myself in doors, due to the other peopleĀ“s way of thinking. No one thinks twice to watch a mum, dig out a bottle from the bottom of her overloaded diaper bag, to feed her baby. But a mum who discreetly breastfeeds her child out of doors is somewhat frowned upon even though in its nature, breastfeeding is the biological way to feed a baby. A bottle is the artificial way.

As for breast feeding in public I have done it with my three children, repeated times. I have nursed them in many different places; the beach, the mall, friend`s houses, family gatherings, on the side of the road during roadtrips, restaurants, at football, hockey or rugby matches... I did this because it was my privilege not just my right. I am a mum and I felt I would feed my babies the way I chose, wherever that would be. No one would tell me otherwise as there were no laws that could stop me. As mums we owe it to our children to be assertive and stand up for the choices we make in life. The basic ones being how we parent our children. Feeding the baby is the most basic necessity there is; and it should be done when the child is hungry, regardless of where mum and baby are.

Breastfeeding in public is often a big worry for first time mums. No one likes to feel exposed or embarrassed. Nursing a baby is a natural and beautiful relationship and while no one thinks twice about feeding a baby with a bottle in public, the thoughts of breast feeding in public often creates strong opinions on both sides. If you sustain the attitude that nursing is normal and healthy you wouldn't eat in the bathroom or in the backroom; so your baby shouldn`t either. Discreet nursing simply means you avoid drawing attention to yourself and/or exposing yourself while breastfeeding. If you can master this art; you will be able to nurse your baby everywhere and no one will ever know what you are doing.

Eye to eye contact with your baby is important, so try not to completely cover up your baby under your clothing or a blanket while breastfeeding.

Stay in tune with your baby`s needs and feed him as soon as you expect he is hungry.A confident mum who meets the baby`s needs quickly is likely to have a successful public breastfeeding experience.

Once breastfeeding becomes a natural and expected part of everyday life, breastfeeding in public will cease to be an issue. Girls and boys will grow up seeing mothers breastfeed and think of it as the natural process it is. Rather then giving bottles to their baby dolls while playing house, they will offer to nurse instead.

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