Breast Feeding

A Special Time for You and Your Baby


Breast feeding allows you and your baby to be emotionally in contact,in a special way that cannot be matched, because breast nurturing meets both the nutritional and nurturing needs.

In the past, no decision needed to be made. A mum gave birth and then fed her baby with the breastmilk nature provided. Last century science became involved and mums were led to believe they now had an easy choice between two equals - breastmilk or infant formula. Having a baby means making many choices. As mums and dads we want to make the best choice we can in everything we do for our children. One of the most important and far-reaching ones you make is about the way you will feed your new baby. And breast nurturing IS the natural choice.

At times, mums were even convinced that infant formula was superior to breastmilk. Breast nurturing wasn't always encouraged - it wasn't seen to be important. Research shows us that this is not true. In fact, IT IS very important.

For you "Mum and Baby" nursing requires time and patience.The special loving bond between you and your breastfed baby is only the beginning. As you watch your baby grow and develop on breast feeding , you can be proud of your body's ability to continue nourishing your baby as it did during your pregnancy.

As I previously said, Mum´s Breast Milk is full of benefits. You surely want to know more about all this.

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If you are worried about your figure and breastfeeding diet....

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Have a look and see what you don´t have to do if breast nurturing

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Breast nurturing may produce several problems, such as sore nipples, engorgement, thrush, mastitis, and others, to learn more,

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We saw the benefits of breast-milk, we saw the problems, lets see the techniques. To breastfeed your baby there are several techniques you can really take into account. One of them involves...

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See what the breast nurturing myths are about so that you get rid of them an begin...

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Recently on the 23rd december 2005, my grandson was born. Oh what GREAT NEWS was to hear that my own daughter had had her first child and of course she is using her natural breast milk. You have to see him, he is so cute, so small but growing so fast, that I cannot wait to travel where my daughter is, to see him again after five months.

Here I inlcude a very nice gallery with mums and babies being breasfed, including my grandson :). I hope you enjoy it.

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STOP. Do you have to start working? Do you need to leave your baby for some hours. No, this is not an advertisement, I just want to tell you that you can use the breastfeeding pump. In simple words, the pump, takes the milk out of the mums breasts.

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Not all the process of breastfeeding is at home. You need to have fun, going to the cinema, eating at a restaurant, you need to go out... the problem is, you may feel embarrassed when someone tries looking at your breasts while breastfeeding, as women breasts have always been a sexual element of attraction for men. For this reason I made a special section to help you overcome this feeling...

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"My breastfeeding experiences have given me a new goal in life. I want to counsel nursing mums, I want to help educate them about breast feeding and help them be secure and comfortable in their ability to make parenting choices regarding breast feeding. If I can make a difference, one person at a time, I will have reached my goals."

This is simply a real life story of a mum that has enjoyed the breast feeding process.

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