Breast Feeding Pictures


Beautiful Breast Feeding Pictures and baby ones make some of the most attractive pictures on earth. Cute, cuddly and picture perfect...when we look at a baby we generally melt at once!

In fact, if you have been around small children, you will notice that even a baby will be drawn towards other babies.

WHY ARE PICTURES OF BABIES SO CUTE? Well, there are different theories explaining the irresistible baby charm. One of them is that nature makes them that way to ensure the survival of the species. Most breast feeding pictures of babies are cute. Even animal babies like puppies or kittens are really adorable. Human babies need a longer time span to develop and be socialized and it is therefore important for them to be loved by their mums and dads or other adults around them. Being so cute works in their favour.

Not only does everyone want to feed them, hold them and take care of them, but when youngsters watch babies or wonderfully cute pictures of babies, they also yearn to have some of their own.
Of course, part of a baby’s charm is that it is innocent and wholesome. There is no prejudice or hatred or fear in a baby’s heart, nor does the child make value judgments.
No one can possibly find a more accepting or complete person than a baby.






This is Delicious!

This is Pleasant!

What an awesome moment...

Hi Tom!
You cute little one!

That`s Right...



Am I Doing OK?

Hi Mum!

I want some milk... don`t you realize ???

What Are You Doing?



Arent they Cute?... I love baby photos, recently my son told me I could download a Free Photo Organizer from Google called Picasa. I collected more than 100 photos from my seven month grandson and added them to Picasa. It really works, and you can even put other type of photos you may like. The best of all is that It is for Free, I wonder why google wants to give out a Software with those features for Free. It may be a Brand Issue that big names have. You can Download Picasa by clicking the link below, just make sure you have picasa on your computer before you continue seeing more pictures. Its worth it!

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