Breast Feeding Myths

Myths About Breastfeeding


Breast Feeding Myths




 Breast feeding Myths 1: Breastfeeding is too painful:

There may be some initial pain as mum and baby get used to the process of breastfeeding, after a week or two, if mum is nursing properly, there should be no pain resulting from breastfeeding. Often, mums experience pain because the baby is not latched on properly.

 Breastfeeding Myths 2: Breastfeeding will make the baby too dependent on its mother:

Babies who breastfeed are no more dependant on their mums than any other baby. They do, however, enjoy the closeness and security felt only through breastfeeding. In fact, breastfed babies tend to be independent and social.

 Breastfeeding Myths 3: Breastfeeding is unclean:

Breast milk is very sanitary and is the most perfectly balanced form of nourishment for babies. Moreover, its composition changes with the nutritional needs of infants and toddlers, something that does not occur with formula. Many pediatricians agree that as long as a child is receiving calcium from some source, cow’s milk is not an absolute necessity.

 Breastfeeding Myths 4: Breastfeeding is not possible for a mum with small breasts:

The size of a mums breasts have nothing to do with her ability to produce milk. Breast milk is produced by stimulation of the nipples from infant suckling, regardless of breast size.

Breastfeeding Myths 5: Breastfeeding is too time consuming:

Mums who nurse agree that breastfeeding is much more timesaving than consuming. There are no formulas to mix, nor any bottles to sanitize, clean and heat. Breast milk is always ready, the right temperature and the perfect amount the baby needs at any given moment. Mums don’t even have to leave the bed for those nighttime feedings.

Breastfeeding Myths 6: Breastfeeding has to stop when a mum returns to work:

Many mums enjoy the continued benefits of breastfeeding after they return to work. They can purchase or rent quality breast pumps to pump their milk during the workday. Expressed breast milk can be stored in a refrigerator or cooler (and for months in a freezer) for baby while mum is working. An added benefit of continued breastfeeding upon return to the workplace is that mother and baby have a special bonding time at the beginning and especially at the end of the day.


You can really breastfeed if you want to!

You are encouraged to strongly consider breastfeeding because of its many benefits. Successful breastfeeding requires support from a nursing woman’s family.

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