Breast Feeding Diet

Breastfeeding is something very

Breast feeding diet is a matter of counterbalancing your diet during nurturing. Everything you eat passes on to your milk, so if you unbalance your eating, the cells which are in charge of making your milk will take over the reserves of your organism if you donĀ“t provide it with what they need. The most important rule if you want to call it like this, is drink a lot of liquids. Try drinking everything naturally. There are a lot of things said about  the food you eat that have galactose proprieties, but what you can be sure about is that the more you breastfeed your baby the more milk you will have. Apart from eating well you should drink a lot of liquids without cafeine or additives.


Good Habits:


  • Eat small meals and frequently, instead of scanty and big meals.

  • For your breakfast choose: fresh fruit  or their juices; whole oak flakes,  or wheat flakes or muesli, oat bread, yogourt, coffee of cereals, tea, light milk.

  • To stay your stomach eat good food not trash, like fruit, rice, biscuits, a piece of cheese and a handful of almonds.

  • Introduce in your breast feeding diet: vegetable proteins. Nowdays products like seitan and soya are consumed in many ways instead of meat. In places where natural foods are sold you can find hamburgers, hot dogs, balls of forcemeat,etc.; all 100% vegetal. (they are prepared with tofu and seitan).

  • Try consuming biological and wheat and oat foods when it is possible.

  • Eat raw and sour foods. These are called alive foods. The raw ones contain vital energy: these are fruits, vegetables, the seeds, buds.The sour contain live bacterias that maintain the good health of ones intestines and they help to eliminate toxines: keifer, chucrut, yoghourt.

  • Pay special attention to the group B of vitamins as these are usually lacking in the diets. The natural providers of vitamin B are cereals, oats. eggs, green vegetables, bananas, fish, wheat germs and beer yeast.

  • Incorporate natural minerals.Pregnant mums and mums that are breastfeeding usually drink extra calcium,selenium, zinc, magnesium, and phosphorous. The lack of these minerals usually bring about loss of hair and brittle nails.consult your doctor before taking them.

  • Sweeten your food with integral sugar cane or molasses. The seasonings used are herbs,soya sauce.

  • Dine early and moderately.

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