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Breast feeding diet....mmm.Breast feeding makes you loose weight.Remember that to look after your baby you must look after yourself. Apart from exercising you must go on a diet but eating good healthy food. Don´t cling on to bad habits continue with the good habits.



Bad Habits

  • To eat refined products such as confectionery industry, white bread, white rice. This food has been devitalized because the shell of the cereal has been removed and that is where one finds the "alive" part of the food.
  • Have heavy breakfast with the classical coffee with sugared-milk and butter croissants.
  • To eat food with additives. Generally these are found in white bread, the precooked food or canned, the sauces, etc.
  • Drink cafeine. It is a substance that belongs to the family of the group of the methylxantines which are noxious for the organism. They are present in the coffee, tea, chocolate,cola soft beverages and some analgesics.
  • Make inadequate food combinations: You must avoid combining animal proteins with carbohydrates( for example chicken and potatoes, noodles with tuna), animal proteins with gibous duckweed( a vegetable ). The only fruit recommended for your desserts  are apple and pear.
  • Don´t abuse of saturated fat like butter, margerine, the fried food, red meat.
  • Consume white sugar and products that contain it.

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