Benefits of Breastfeeding

What are the Benefits of Breastfeeding?

If you want to have a successful breastfeeding make the decision before having a baby. It is a good idea to talk to someone with experience, seek information, read books and magazines or surf the Internet. Dont Worry, you will find everything you need on this website, I am a mother too and know how difficult it is to jump from one webpage to another. I managed to include everything you need in my site.

I cannot say that the beginning of breast feeding is a romantic novel which takes place between you and your new-born baby but it really can be if you do what I`m going to tell you.When you go down to brass tacks you know exactly what it is all about.

Breastfeeding will take place immediately after the baby is born. In most maternity wards babies can be put on their mother's tummy straight after birth. This first close contact greatly promotes breastfeeding. Immediately after birth the baby is often awake. It eagerly searches for the breast and wants to suckle.

The baby can be helped by carefully supporting it under the soles of its feet so it can crawl or push itself up from the tummy and all the way to the breast. It will eagerly search for the breast and start suckling as soon as it is there.

It is important that the breasts are stimulated as soon as possible, as the quantity of milk depends on how often the baby suckles.

Benefits of Breastfeeding For Your Baby

What Is In Breast Milk?

Breastfeeding has many benefits for your baby, milk contains just the right amount of vitamins, minerals, fats, sugars, proteins and enzymes that a baby needs for optimal growth and development. Its composition changes with each baby’s needs. Colostrums, a clear, yellowish substance produced during pregnancy, is the first breast milk and best food for newborns. It provides an unmatched level of immunity to disease and viral bacteria, creating a type of newborn armour that protects the baby. Infants who receive this “pre-milk” substance are said to be less inclined to suffer from milk allergies, hypoglycemia, jaundice and constipation. If a child nurses for the first 20 minutes after birth, he will receive more immunities than he’ll ever receive from any other substance in his entire life. If a child is nursed just six weeks, he will receive a superior source of nutrients not found in any formula, and this is only one of the powerful benefits of breastfeeding.

Avoid extras like sugar water. Some babies get confused when a bottle is given to them early on. Sugar water offers little that is helpful and may make the baby not want to nurse. Bottle milk given in the first few days can reduce both the baby's hunger and the mother's milk.

Supply and demand--the more the baby nurses, the more milk the mother will make.

Delay use of plastic nipples. So the baby does not get confused, wait a week or two after the baby is born before giving him/her a pacifier. Plastic nipples require a different sucking action than real ones.

Benefits of Breastfeeding For You


Breastfeeding also has benefits for you. It's clean and simple--you don't have to wash bottles or mix formula. It's cheaper than using formula. It helps your uterus contract back to normal size after having been stretched during pregnancy. It delays the return of your periods (though you shouldn't count on it to prevent pregnancy). And it helps make time for you to be close to your baby. As you see the Benefits of Breastfeeding are unlimited, Why wouldn´t you brestfeed?


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