Baby Problem

Baby Problem


Sometimes Mum and Dad worry about their baby who is not developing correctly.

Mum and Dad you should take into account some of these tips. If anything of this happens to your baby you should consult a pediatrician.

He|she doesn´t turn if somebody talks to him|her or doesn´t seem to be surprised if your baby hears a loud noise.

Your baby can´t hold  an object which is placed in his|her hand (like a rattle) for some seconds.

Your baby doesn´t look at his|her hands.

Your baby can´t hold up his|her head for only some moments.

Your baby doesn´t show interest in hanging toys or toys in movement.

Your baby is not capable of following with with his|her eyes an object in movement.

Your baby doesn´t vocalize any sound.

Your baby doesn´t smile when Mum or Dad speaks to him|her.

Your baby sleeps too many hours.

Your baby doesn´t cry and if he|she does so, it is done very weakly.

Your baby doesn´t have muscular tone.

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