Baby Infant Massage

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Baby Infant Massage

Xia er tui na Massages

I will introduce you to some oriental chinese baby infant massage which will heal your baby or infant when he|she has flu, fever or diarrea. This is not a must, if you see no recovery call your pediatrician.

Baby´s health is the worry of each Mum and Dad. Nevertheless the little ones are exposed to getting different pathologies that even though they seem to be common if they are not correctly attended to, they can present serious complications.

As every Mum knows having a baby is a beautiful experience. Mum´s love appears when she has her baby in her womb and grows and grows every month that goes by and it "explodes" when  Mum hears her baby´s cry.

Dad´s love is when baby is born. And when your baby places his|her hands on Mum´s breasts love releases from her heart through the milk. The answer to this flow of love is the calm look and sweet smile your baby has. At that precise moment Mum is inmersed in a never ending happiness caressing her baby with her hands. These movements of caressing her baby may be unconsciously done but it plays an important role to clear the baby´s mind and promote the circulation of the blood. Caressing your baby benefits your baby psychologically and physically. This petting or caressing is a universal human instinct and a primitive way of massaging. The chinese baby infant massage or Xian er tui na has developed gradually through countries and the intuitive petting is something Mum and Dad use when they are parents. It is something innate in them. Specially Mums who cannot breastfeed their baby must pay more attention to the physical caressing they offer their baby.

Mum and Dad should learn how to love their children with wisdom and how to help them have healthy bodies. The theory and practice of the traditional chinese medicine has been developed for more than a period of 2500 years and it can give a reasonable guide for the care and treatment of the children. Mum and Dad should leave their prejudices and beliefs and understand the correct method of feeding and looking after them.

The massages for your children may not be a cure and many parents only believe in doctors but sometimes a Mum or Dad massage may make miracles.

Using chinese baby or infant massage, your babies or infants may be saved from a painful injection and the secondary effects of the medicines. These massages don´t have side effects. It not only treats illnesses but prevents them and promotes a better health for the infant. This is something that cannot be made by modern doctors. It is said that children who are treated frequently with chinese baby and infant massage are  considered to be healthier and they become less ill than those treated by medicines.

I will teach you the techniques to be able to treat the common flu, fever, diarrhea.



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