Baby Infant Massage 3

Baby and Infant Massage 3

Baby Infant Massage 3


Baby infant massage can cure diahrrea. Diarrhea is a common case in pediatrician that affects the digestive tract. It is a form of indigestion. It is reffered to as intensity in the frequency of the bowel movements with thin or liquid scum.

According to Chinese medical theory, children’s spleens and stomachs up to the age of approximately six are inherently immature. That means they do not function as efficiently as a healthy adult’s does. In Chinese medicine, the spleen and stomach, or at least the Chinese concepts labeled as such, are the two organs responsible for the digestion of food and the creation of qi (pronounced chee and meaning energy) and blood.

This means that:

A) Infants and young children more easily suffer from food stagnation and accumulation.

B) Children manufacture less qi and blood than do adults.

C) Their spleen and stomach are more easily damaged, either by faulty diet or things like antibiotics.

 The spleen and stomach are the two most important organs in the onset and treatment of the vast majority of common complaints in young children.In Chinese medicine, colic is divided into hot and cold types. But in either case, food stagnation is at the root of the baby’s discomfort. Either they are being fed the wrong foods or simply fed too much.

The diarrhea may appear at any time of the year, but becomes worse during hot days.

Serious causes of diarrhea may bring about critical conditions of dhydration acidity and place one in a risk of life. That is why the darrhea in a child must be treated right away.

The chinese pediatric baby and infant massage treatment is highly effective for children with diarrhea. Many infants with diarrhea do not respond to the medicine but on the other hand they do so to the massages.

Diarrhea due to Heat (Shi re xing)

Causes of the disease:

This type of diarrhea occurs commonly during spring and summer and at the beginning of autumn. It can be caused by food in delicate state or vegetables or food prepared with not enough hygiene. In children of more age it can be caused by an abuse of the indigestion of fat food like peanut butter, fried potatoes, hamburguers, pizza, etc.

Sign and Syntoms:

Abdominal pain, continued by explosive diarrhea, the excrements are yellowish coffee liquid or soft; it has a bad smell. They will possibly have fever, feel thirsty, not much urine and dark. There may be a red colour round the arms and ardour during defecation.

Beginning of the treatment:

Clean the heat, eliminate the humidity and stop the diarrhea by using the baby infant massage.


1) Rub the lateral part of the thumb in only one direction; That is from the base up to the nail from a 100 to 300 times. This point is called Pi Jing. The manipulation cleans the heat, eliminates the humidity of the spleen, stomach and intestines.

2) Rub the lateral side of the fore finger from the base towards the nail between a 100 and 300 times. This point drains the disease agent of the intestine.

3) Rub the lateral line of the small finger from the base towards the nail between a 100 to 300 times. This point is called Xiao Chang Jing (The channel of the small intestine). The stimulation drains the disease agent of the small intestine.

4) Rub the middle part of the beginning of the fore arm, pushing in one only direction from the wrist towards the elbow, between a 100 to 300 times. This point is called Tiau he sui. The manipulation cleans the heat of the disease.

5) Massage around the navle in the opposite way of the clock hands, between a 100 to 500 times. This massaging drains the disease in the stomach and the intestine.

6) Massage the central line of the sacrum sliding from the L5 towards the coccyx between a 100 to 300 times. The manipulation drains the disease of the intestine.



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