Baby Infant Massage 2

Baby Infant Massage 2

Common Flu and Fever

The flu is the most common illness in the childhood. It is caused by not recommended clothes, changes in the climate or infections. It can occur during any season of the year, but it commonly occurs in winter and spring. The main symptoms are fever, shivers, running nose, headaches and pains all over the body and cough. If a flu is accompanied by fever and cough and do not get cured consult your pediatrician.

Syndrome and treatment

Cold Wind (Feng han Xing).

Main signs and symptoms:

 Strong shivering, light fever, no pespiration, stopped up nose, runny nose , itchy throat and headache.


Liberate to the exterior, expel the wind and scatter the cold.

1) Rub the lung channel (Fei Ping) from 100 to 500 times. This manipulationis called the strengthening of the lung channel. Stimulating this point reestablishes the energy of the lung while the cold wind is expelled.

2) Press and rotate the Er shau men from 100 to 300 times. As one stimulates these points it is liberated and comes out to the exterior producing perspiration. It also liberates the free flow of the blood and energy; and loosens the muscles and tendons.

3) Rub the three barriers from 100 to 300 times from the wrist up to the elbow. As one stimulates this part it nourishes the energy, the yang is fortified ; it scatters the cold and is liberated towards the exterior.

4) Rub the door of the sky (Tian men) from 50 to 100 times. This manipulation is called the opening of the door to the sky. To stimulate this zone the disease is dissipated, it scatters the cold and relieves the headache.

5) Push the Palace of the water (Kan gong) from 50 to 100 times. As one stimulates the baby starts perspiring and the disease agents are liberated to the exterior. It releases the headache.

6) Supreme yang or sun (Rub Tai Yang) from 50 to 100 times . As one stimulates this point the disease agent wind is dissipated to the exterior and releases the headache.

7) Rub the Getting into the cave of the wasp (Huang feng ru dong) from 50 to 100 times. The stimulation of these points produce perspiration and brings it to the exterior of the body. It also opens the nasal caves to activate the sneeze.

8) Rub the line of the neck towards the seventh cervical from 100 to 500 times. This is called to push the pillars of heaven. As one stimulates this point the fall of the energy is promoted and perspiration is liberated to the exterior.





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