Baby Food

Baby First Foods with Wonderful

     As time goes by and Mums have to work, they seem to find no time for the Baby Recipes. But I can tell you that it takes a little more than half an hour every two to three weeks. Vegetable purees take about ten minutesto clean, peel and cut the raw food; fifteen minutes to cook and about ten minutes to blend and fill into jars. These last from two to three weeks.

Fruit purees take a few minutes to clean, peel, cut and blend the fruit. Storage issue is not necessary as it is served fresh. Parents are responsible for what their baby is given to eat. Then babies, toddlers then chooses how much to eat.

Help your baby be successful when eating.

  • Choose foods that suit your baby´s or toddler´s abilities and age.

  • Feed your baby whenever baby is hungry.

  • Never leave your baby alone when eating.

  • Talk to your baby in a low voice and encourage he|she to eat. Try not to overwhelm baby with attention.

  • Make sure your baby is sitting up straight and is facing forward. A highchair is the best. Let your baby explore foods. With a highchair your baby will be less likely to choke.

  • Include the baby in the family mealtime routine. Feed your baby while family members are eating.



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