Baby Food Recipes for Babies between 6/12 months

Baby Food Recipes for babies bet

Baby Food Recipes


Yummy, yummy for my tummy!!!!! Some delicious recipes for our babies. Find a lot of combinations with veggies, fruits and meat

 according to your baby┬┤s age and according to what your pediatrician has indicated.

Go to Baby Food Links and see what you can feed your baby with....which is the appropriate food for them.

Read the instructions in Babie Food before going to Babie Food Recipes.




1. Puree vegetable.

2.Green Puree.

3.Sweet Potatoe,carrots and parsnip puree.

4. Mixed fruit.

5. Apricots and apples.

6.Apricots and Apple.

8. Apples and pears.


11. Dessert with apples and pears.

12. Chicken puree.

13. Chicken and rice.

14. Leek, carrot and parsnip.

15. Oat babie Food.

16. Apple and pear dessert.

17. Puree with carrot, brussel sprouts, green beans, sweet corn.

18. Green Beans.



19. Dessert with peaches.

20. Sweet Potatoes, cinammon, nutmeg puree.

21. Zuchini.

22. Celery, onion, sweet potatoes and chicken broth.

23. Apple pie.

24. Cheesy cauliflower puree.

25. Couscous with peas and avocado.

26. Haddock, sweet corn and and new potatoe food.

27. Chicken breast and asparagus puree.

28. Beetroot, apples and pears.

29. Courgette and baby spinach cheesy bake.

30. Pollach and pea puree.

31. Carrot, red pepper, tomatoe, onion, pasta.

32. Broccoli, rice and pea mash.

33. Celery and potatoe puree.

34. Sweet Potatoe, broccoli and chicken.

35. White fish, haddock, swede, carrots.

36. Apples and strawberries.