Baby Food Recipes

Here are recipes in South Indian

Here are Baby Food recipes in South Indian Style, for the baby. It is complete food and is very nutritious.

Pumpkin Malagutal (south Indian dish):    

You will require equal quantities (say 4 tablespoons) of white pumpkin and either tur dal or moong dal. First peel the pumpkin and dice it into small pieces.

Then lightly roast the dal of your choice. Next, take both the diced pumpkin and the roasted dal and cook them in boiling water; you should also add a pinch of turmeric powder and salt to taste. Once cooked, add ghee or butter for flavour. Malagutal can be served with rice, and is a very nutritious dish for an expectant mother as well as the baby.

Spinach Malagutal (south Indian dish):       

The recipe for this dish is similar to the recipe for a pumpkin malagutal. Except instead of pumpkin use spinach. Although a blender is optional for the pumpkin malagutal,

it will be required for the spinach malagutal, since the baby will find it difficult to eat spinach in the original form.


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