Baby Food Recipes 27

An irresistible purée that your


1 tsp olive oil        
½ chopped onion
1 x 220g chicken breast
150g asparagus, trimmed into 2cm lengths
100ml soured cream


In a frying pan, heat the olive oil and cook half a roughly chopped onion until soft.
Chop the chicken breast into small, bite-size chunks and add to the frying pan. Fry until brown. Turn down the heat and add the asparagus. Cover and cook until soft – about 4 minutes.
Add the soured cream to the frying pan and stir to warm through. Allow the mixture to cool slightly, then tip into a food processor and purée to the desired consistency


6-8 months                                 

Preparation time:
10 minutes
Cooking time:
15 minutes

Try using yogurt instead of sour cream.


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