Baby Food

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7 to 12 Months

  Milk Products: such as plain yoghourt hard cheeses or cottage cheeses are high in protein and calcium.

Begin by including a milk product each day once baby is eating a variety of  cereals, vegetables, fruits and protein-rich foods.

Do not give diet, low fat or light yoghourt.

Start with soft cheese like cottage cheese.

Later on add other types of cheese like chedar or mozzarella. Hard cheeses can be cut into slices or grated.

Soy beverage, rice beverage or other vegetarian drinks should not replace breast milk, formula or homogenized milk in the first two years because they may not contain enough protein fat

 or calories so that a baby can grow healthy.

Finger Foods

Around 7 to 9 months of age, baby will be able to hold food in his/her hands and bring the food to mouth. If you offer finger foods it helps babies learn to chew and

 feed themselves .

Finger foods should be offered as snacks and with meals. They should be healthy foods. There is no room in baby┬┤s diet for foods high in sugar and salt.



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