Baby Food

Baby Food

5 to 7 Months: Fruit


Remember that fruit adds sweetness as well as vitamins, minerals and fiber. Use fresh fruit, unsweetened baby food in a jar or canned fruit in its own juice      

( not in syrup ), and once you have opened the can change the juice into something made of glass.

Mash or puree the fruit before feeding it to baby.

Try one fruit at a time and wait three to five days before trying a new one. In this way you make sure your baby does not have an allergic


When you buy store-bought "fruit desserts" , remember they have a lot of sugar.  Your baby doesn't need it.                             

Start with one teaspoon ( 5 ml ) the first day.Slowly increase to about half or three quarter ( 125 to 180 ml ) cup a day by the time your baby is 12 month old .

Remember stop feeding your baby when full.

You can give small amounts of  fruit at each meal. Always feed pureed fruit from a spoon.  Remember if you give your baby warm food make sure it is not too hot.

Always throw out left over food that has touched the spoon or baby┬┤s mouth.

 When you want to give them juice, give it to them in a cup ( like  apple, grapes, prune or pear ) and once baby is eating fruit. You do not need to buy special baby

 juice, but if you buy let it be unsweetened . Give baby not more than 2-4 oz. ( 60 to 120 ml ) of juice per day .

Do noy give baby fruit drinks, crystals or pop because they offer no nutrition. Products labelled as fruit beverages, fruit drinks, fruit crystals or fruit

punches are not fruit juices.



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