Baby Food

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Baby Food

Allow your baby to decide when to eat.

  • Wait for your baby to open mouth when  babie food is offered.

  • Let your baby eat at his|her own pace . Do not try to feed baby faster or slower.

  • Let your baby  touch food in the dish or on the spoon. Allow your baby to feed by him | her self with their fingers as soon as they show an interest.

  • When your baby has had enough, stop feeding. Do not force your baby to finish a bottle or their food.

  •  Do not force new foods. If your baby turns new food down, wait a few days and try again.

Some parenting tips before starting your baby on solid foods.

Giving baby solid foods before four to six months can cause problems because:

  • Baby may drink less breast milk or formula. Your baby needs this to grow and develop.

  • Your baby´s stomach is not ready to digest solid foods.

  • It may increase baby´s chance of developing food allergies.

  • Baby may not be ready to swallow solid foods and might choke.

  • Studies show solid babe foods will not help baby sleep through the night.



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