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My name is Virginia Elder. This is about me. I´m a mother of three beautiful grown up children. I´m 58 years old and I used to be an English teacher. About seven years ago we had economical problems and I helped my husband out in his business.It was a  very stressful job so I decided I wanted to do something different as we have being recuperating our losses and I consider I have already helped out a lot. Now I have had my inspiring grandson whom has made me give a big step.I have always liked anything to do with computers, and internet has always fascinated me. That´s why I thought I could do something on the Internet.( about me)

This is what I felt when Solo Build It came into my life.

I really had no idea how to build a website, but when I came across Solo Build It , it made  everything easier.They told me it is not a GET RICH QUICK, on the contrary it is : put in a lot of CONTENT and go slow as a tortoise.The CONTENT  will give me the TRAFFIC.These two most important steps lead me to the last two most important steps which are PRESELL and MONETIZE. But if I don´t have a lot of CONTENT my TRAFFIC does not come and therefore I don´t PRESELL or MONETIZE.

The key is: knowledge put into CONTENT.

WAHM Masters CourseYou have a lot to see to yourself listening to all the Family Solo Build It has.

You see I really believe that anybody even with no computer skills, can start his own web business with the most simple topic. You just need to find a topic you are passionate about, a topic you like or dominate. That´s how I started, inspired by my children and my grandson, I realized I could teach other future mothers the art of parenting and inform them about the most common issues they will come across. Those days I remember downloading from the internet "The Affiliate Master Course". This is a FREE powerful course that overdelivers. It taught me the main philosophy I should follow to succeed on the internet. Here I learnt the C-T-P-M process, the fundamental reality on how internet works. It was also my main guide on how to establish my web business.

The course is divided into "10 Action Days". Each action day tells you what to do step by step. Now, please just take a moment, this moment would probably be one of the most valuable moments you will ever take in your life. Ask yourself, What things do I love doing?. Do I have any hobby?, Do I have special places which I love visiting?, Could I in some way place my profession on the internet? What Subjects do I have fun writing about, please think carefully... Get a pen and a paper and write a list with different things you enjoy, know, like doing, Is this about me?... DONE?... Well NOW its time to transform that knowledge, passion, hobby into an internet business. Here is where the "10 Action Days" enter into your life. "Well I think I have done quite a lot of bla bla bla....just see to yourself and dive into the swimming-pool right NOW!!. Go Get It!!.

I really want to thank Ken for giving me this great opportunity.



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