8 Month Baby

8 Month Baby

I start biting.

I remain a long time sitting down.

I crawl towards the objects that interest me. When I crawl I feel I am totally free to do things and I feel very happy.

Babies like me if we crawl we usually walk quicker. But this is not a must. Other babies instead of crawling drag themselves with their tail, or slither face downwards and lean on their hands or arms. There are also babies that change from the position of sitting to standing and then start walking without going through the crawling stage first.

I like playing at hide and seek.

I like shouting only because I like hearing my voice.

I sometimes feel frightened but when Mum and Dad pick me up I already feel secure.

I am attracted towards all the objects I can get hold of. As some of them are small one has to take all tñhe precautions.

I like throwing things like on the floor and have fun when they make a noise on their fall.

I get frightened of persons and situations that are unknown.

I cry when Mum and Dad leave me alone.

I like looking at books with drawings.

I like Mum and Dad to talk to me lot and teach me how to say good bye and clap my hands.




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