7 Month Baby

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7 Month Baby

I am capable of sitting down alone but leaning on my hands so that I don´t fall frontwards.

I use my two hands and can hold an object with each of them.

If you place me on the floor I will try to drag myself.

I catch hold of anything that interests me or that calls my attention.

I will close my mouth when Mum wants to give me something to eat that I don´t like.

I will touch everything to be able to recognize it.

When I wake up in the middle of a nap or in the middle of the night and I don´t see or hear anything I will continue sleeping but if I hear a conversation or noises I will cry to call their attention.

I start emiting monosyllables.

I like Mum and Dad to talk to me, sing, recite poems or tell me a story so that I stimulate my language.I like sitting on my high chair to eat my food.

I am capable of catching hold of a ball but not of a cup from its handle.

I suck my toes of my feet.

When I see myself in a mirror I don´t only smile at myself but I try caressing myself.

I start sleeping throughout the whole night. Just click here.





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