6 Month Baby

Pagina nueva 1

Pagina nueva 1

6 Month Baby


Already in my 6th month . I can´t believe it! Generally my first tooth appears but it is not a must. See more here.My first tooth is the middle inferior incisor.



Here my pediatrician has given Mum a chronology of my teething:

Middle Inferior Incisor.

6 Months.

Lateral Inferior Incisor.

7 Months.

Central Superior  Incisor.

8 Months.

Lateral Superior Incisor.

9 Months.

1st Inferior Molar.

10 Months.

1st Superior Molar.

12 Months.

Superior Canine.

14 Months.

Inferior Canine.

16 Months.

2nd Inferior Molar.

20 Months.

2nd Superior Molar.

24 Months.

All  these teeth belong to the first teething.

The second teething will start when I am around 6 years old.

I begin to be more excited about everything.

If I am given a spoon I will start hitting on a table making a noise.

My language is muttering and when I mutter to you Mum I would like you to mutter back to me  or talk to me.

I will easily place myself facing down.Remember I am a 6 month old baby.


If a piece of cloth falls on my head I can get rid of it right away.

I have more ability to reach out to a toy of mine without needing Mum or Dad´s help.

I can have something in each hand and look at a third object.


Mum and Dad my food feeding begins.I can start with one first feeding, maybe fruit or meat or vegetables.Meat provides proteins and the mostly used is chicken without flesh and veal.The vegetables provide vitamins, minerals and fibers.Try not mixing my vegetables. Give me one new vegetable every week. Let me get accustomed to the taste and also to see if I´m allergic to any of them.Remember always to clean my vegetables, boil them and grind them. This is done in the liquidizer .You should give me my food with a spoon and a lot of love and patience.

I like being with Mum and Dad and my family more than with strangers.



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