5 Month Baby

5 Month Baby

5 Month Baby

If I see a toy near me I stretch my hand to grab it.

When a rattle falls down near me, I try looking for it.

If I am given a coloured object I catch hold of it and maintain it and look at it with curiosity.

I can stay sitting up with a little help.

If I have a mirror infront of me I will smile at the angel that is looking at me.


If I am placed on my tummy I lift my body up leaning on my arms.

The toys are very important for me. I like big ones and the colours should be alive. I don´t need to have a lot around me so you can bring me first some and then when I get bored of those bring me others. Of course they don´t have to have small pieces  so that I can swallow  them or choke with them. At my age I need big pieces of toys next to me to play with.



If I have to be given my food, it all depends in what country it is, the doctor will give a certain schedule. this is what my doctor gave me to eat of course with Mum still breastfeeding me.



From now :


5 Months

Fruit Purée.

6 Months

Vegetable purée and meat or chicken.

7 Months


8 Months

Flour with gluten.

9 Months

Hard yolk of the egg.

10 Months

White fish.

11 Months

Pulse purée.

12 Months

Dining with pulses purée alternating with fish or egg.



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