4 Month Baby

4 Month Baby

I pull the sheet and cover my face with it.

If something is approached to me that calls my attention I will try directing my hands to catch hold of it, but I will not reach it.

When I am lying down facing upwards or downwards, I will lift my head up even even moving my back trying to sit down, but I won´t be able to.

When I´m on my tummy facing downwards, I lift my head up leaning on my arms.

My movements are more coordinated, by the end of the month I will be sitting upright for ten minutes or more with Mum or Dad´s help.

I recognize my Mum and Dad´s voice.

I begin to recognize the people that I see frequently.I begin smiling at them.

By the end of the month I will be reaching out for a toy without looking at my hands.

I will be rolling from tummy to back quite easily so don´t leave me alone on a bed.

I sleep more during the night.

My vocalizations pretend to answer my Mum and Dad when they talk to me. And if I have a rattle in my hand I will move it with strength so as to hear the sounds.

Even though I don´t like it Mum and Dad should vaccinate me but please ask my pediatrician about this.



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