3 Month Baby

3 Month Baby

I am starting to spend more time with Dad. It is so cool. I recognize his voice and feel very happy when he bathes me, takes me out for walks in the push-chair and I adore it when he massages me.

My features and behaviour are changing.

I realize the difference between day and night and I can be left alone having fun with my favourite toy.

Everything I find in my hands goes to my mouth.

It is said that it is not convenient for Dad or Mum to sit me upright in a chair. The ideal position is lying down on the floor facing upwards or downwards with toys surrounding me.

I am becoming more interested in the world and about myself.

I know how to control my hands and my feet, and I thinkit is awesome to watch them moving around. My motor control and strenght is improving  I keep my head up steady now. This month brings the joy of laughter for everybody specially Mum and Dad..

I will giggle, gurgle and coo.

I love listening to Mum and Dad talk and look at the world around me.

I like Mum or Dad to point objects at me so that I start recognizing the names of them.

I like playing peek-a-boo with Mum or Dad.



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