24 Month Baby

24 Month Baby

Half of my speech is understandable.

I form three or four word sentences.

I name at least 5 or more parts of my own body.

I put on and take off my clothes alone.

I walk down the stairs without help.

I arrange things in categories.

I talk about what I like and I dislike.

I start to understand the difference between the female and male.

I am acquiring a handle on grammar and I am getting better at describing my needs, wants and ideas.

I will get into tantrums when I want something specially if I know that Mum or Dad do what I want.I like Mum and Dad to keep calm at this moment.

I may be ready to learn how to go to the bathroom but donĀ“t hurry me if you see the contrary.


I like having a routine. Like, eating my cereals in the same bowl every day or using the same pijamas every night.




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