22 Month Baby

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22 Month Baby

I start to learn up to 10 words or more per day.

I show good signs of bladder control.

I imitate others behaviour.

I like puzzles.

I identify several parts of my body, specially my face.

I follow two step directions.

I open and close doors.

I may put on and take off my clothes.

I start to understand opposites (sad,happy,etc.)

I form three or four word sentences.

I start looking for my independence. I will already decide if I want to ride on my tricycle or if I want to fit all the pieces of puzzle together.

I feel very pleased when I´m successful,  and frustrated when I´m not.

Mum may want to change me from a crib to a big bed. At the beginning I will feel unsettled, so I will jump out of bed and go to Mum and Dad´s bed in the middle of the night. But you have to give me time to settle into my new sleep arrangements.



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