21 Month Baby

21 Month Baby

I imitate a lot of the animals I have seen in the zoo.

I walk up the stairs with little assistance.

I make structures out of toys or blocks.

I will start to learn up to 10 or more words per day.

I throw balls overhand.

 I open doors.

I may be able to name people and pets when Mum or Dad shows me a picture.

I can form short but complete and understandable sentences.

I can walk down stairs with some assistance. I can open and close doors.

I like assisting with chores and like using my own play shelves, table and chairs.

I like it when Mum gives in, on the little things like, which mermalade to use on a piece of bread or what trousers to wear.I know that I have to understand that behaviours that affect safety are not up for negotiation.



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