20 Month Baby

20 Month Baby

I can already take off my clothes without any help.

I know when something is wrong.

I say 20 to 50 words. I start learning words possibly 5 or more per day.

I enjoy helping with chores around the house.

I pretend to help toys, imitate Mum and Dad such as feeding a baby or driving a car.

I already run well.

I start setting small goals.

I show better signs of bladder control.

I start learning up to 10 words per day.

I become naturally curious about everything, including my genitals. When I was younger I used to play with my fingers and toes and now I will do so with my genitals. But don´t worry Mum and Dad, unless it is nonstop. I may do this in public but don´t make a lot of fuss about it. Just explain to me that some things are done only at home in private.



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