2 Month Baby

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2 Month Baby

From now on I will write articles as if your baby is talking to you.This will be only in the Baby Development.

If you place me sitting upright and with help I will maintain my head up straight for a little while.

If I am lying down facing up I will follow the movement of the toys from one side to another.

If Mum and Dad stretches their arms so as to sit me up I will maintain  my head upright for a moment.

If I am placed facing downward I will lift my head up.

If I see a person coming up to my cot I will look at him and make faces and if he|she leaves I will follow with my look.

I can turn over to another side and when I am talked to I change the position of my head.

I smile specially with my mum.

In my language, apart from crying I produce sounds stronger and less gutural than in the first month.  I quaver with vocalizations which are more intense and last longer. If you would like to know some tips about sleeping click here.

If I sleep too much that is to say over four hours after the previous feeding you should try waking me up 15 minutes before the four hours, caressing me or turn on the light, if it is in the evening.

If you feel I am crying due to a colic click here.

If you would like to know about my vaccination in U.S.A. click here and read on.



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