19 Month Baby

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19 Month Baby

At this stage I usually feed myself with a spoon and fork.

I run well.

I string more words together to make phrases or put together pairs of words.

I brush my teeth and wash my hands alone.

Some toddlers like me : will probably be able to know when something is wrong.

I say 20 to 50 words and form sentences with 2 or 3 words.

I take off my clothes without any help.

I name several parts of my body.

I may show signs of bladder control.


I may draw straight lines and maybe circles.

I strive for indepedence and make sure Mum you treat me the way you´d like to be treated.

Try to compromise instead of using commands. ¨You can´t go outside right now¨, you may say, ¨but we can read a book now and go outside later .

 I like to tactile toys with lots of ridges, bumps, textures and colours which are great learning tools and fun too.



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