18 Month Baby

18 Month Old Baby

18 Month Baby

I don´t only walk alone, run but I walk backwards.

I can throw a ball or anything have in my hand.

I can kick a ball.

I can construct a tower with three pieces of objects or cubes.

I paint a line if I have a coloured pencil at hand.

I climb the stairs without crawling up them.

I sit down on the floor alone when I am standing.

I use my toys according to their function; for example I can run the cars or a horse.

I generally sleep 11 hours during the night and 3 during the day.

I say 15 to 20 words by talking clearly.

I can feed myself with with a spoon with a little difficulty.

Some babies like me show signs of potty training; climb out of  their crib or high chair.





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